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Simple Step : How to change User Logon Name (pre-Windows 2000) using ADSI EDIT in Windows Server 2012 R2

November 16, 2014

After 2 month break (not that i have no idea!!), but since i’m busy with my Ethical Hacking & Pentest training, i have no time to deep dive to my server & write some blog..

anyway, today lets go through a simple step how we can change User Logon Name (pre-Windows 2000) using ADSI EDIT.

This actually happened to me in my few classes, where me & my students trying to change User Logon Name (pre-Windows 2000) in Server 2012 R2,

Why we need to change this? well, 1st, you might have VM with preloaded domain name, and you do not want to create a new domain infrastructure and to same a lot of time, we just need to rename our existing domain name to what ever name that we want.

for those who still wondering what am i talking about & how to rename domain name, please refer to my previous blog :

The issue here is simple, once you rename the domain, i notice that the User Logon Name (pre-Windows 2000) is not changing, it still remain with old NETBIOS name from previous domain, even my others domain member server & domain clients can log in to their profile.

its very annoying to me to see this issue, so to solve this issue, we need to so some minor changes in ADSI EDIT.

Lets get started :

1 – open your ADUC and check for the issue, in ADUC select any of the existing user and double click on it.

— click Account tab and notice that under User Logon name:, its stated my user connected to domain, but on the User Logon name (pre-Windows 2000), it still stated with my old domain name (Adatum) and this must go away…


2 – Next, open Server Manager, click Tools and then click ADSI EDIT


3 – On the ADSI Edit console, right click ADSI Edit and then click Connect to….


4 – On the Connection Settings box, click Select a well known Naming Context: and then in the list click Configuration


5 – On the ADSI Edit console, browse to CN=Partitions, and on the right side if you notice, under name, its stated CN=ADATUM (which is my old domain name), and my Directory Partition Name is DC=osi,DC=com,DC=my…

— you need to double click the CN=ADATUM..


6 – On the CN=ADATUM box, under Attributes:, browse to nETBIOSName, and the click Edit

— on the String Attribute Editor, under Value change to your new domain name, which is in my case OSI, and then click OK..

Reboot your Domain server for the changes to take effect.


7 – Once your domain server reboot, log in to any of your client PC, and click Other user…


8 – On the Other user interface, you can log in using our new domain successfully.


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