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Simple Step : Monitoring Windows Server 2012 R2

July 30, 2014

Windows Server 2012 R2 provides a number of tools to monitor an operating system and the applications on a server.

You can use these tools to configure your system for efficiency and troubleshoot problems.

Small and medium sized organizations can use the monitoring tools in Windows Server 2012 to monitor their server infrastructure.

So for this post, lets go through a very simple step how to monitor Windows Server 2012 R2 using Performance Monitor

For this demo, i will be using my OSI-NPS Server

1 – Log in to OSI-NPS Server, on the Metro UI type Performance Monitor and enter…


2 – In Performance Monitor console, expand Data Collector Sets, right-click User Defined, point to New, and then click Data Collector Set


3 – In the Create new Data Collector Set Wizard, in the Name box, type OSI-NPS Performance, click Create manually (Advanced) button, and then click Next


4 – On the What type of data do you want to include? interface, select the Performance counter check box, and then click Next


5 – On the Which performance counters would you like to log? interface, click Add


6 – In the Available counters list, expand Processor, click %Processor Time, and then click Add >>.


7 – repeat the step for Memory, Network Adapter & TCPv4 (you can always choose any counter you want to monitor, this is just example), then click OK


8 – On the Which performance counters would you like to log? interface, in the Sample interval box, type 10 (i choose 10 second interval), and then click Next


9 – On the Where would you like the data to be saved? interface, click Next


10 – On the Create the data collector set? interface, click Save and close, and then click Finish


11 – In Performance Monitor console, right-click OSI-NOS Performance, and then click Start


12 – To simulate the monitoring function, just simply open few pages of Internet Explorer page, such as 12 – 15 pages…


13 – after few minutes, right-click OSI-NPS Performance, and then click Stop


14 – In Performance Monitor console, expand Reports, expand User Defined, expand OSI-NPS Performance, click NPS_DateTime-000001, and then review the report data…


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