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Installing Mac OSX 10.8 on VMWare Workstation

July 13, 2014

Previously in my class, i had this issue where as we have not enough Apple Mac laptop for participants to experience the usage of Mac OSX, so the easiest way is to virtualize Mac OSX on VMware, so on this Blog post this time lets go through a step by step how you can virtualize Mac OSX using VMware Workstation 9 @ 10 in Windows Server 2012 and what you need to get things started…

Before we get started, you will need to download few files to make sure the process go through without any hiccup.

Files you will need:

1 – Mac OS X 10.8 Installation Files (please download yourself)

2 – VMware Workstation 9 (i’m very sure you know where to get this…)

3 – dmg2img

4 – VMware Unlocker 1.3.0

5 – VMware tools from Fusion

** items 3,4,5, please download from this link :


1 – Install VMware on your System (PC @ Laptop)

– Make sure you uninstall Hyper-V if you are running Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V installed

– You cannot have Hyper-V and VMware Workstation installed on the same machine


2 – Run VMware Unlocker 1.3.0, right click install.cmd and run as administrator..




3 – Next, you need to extract out the InstallESD.dmg from the Mac OS X 10.8 installation files.

— i recommend that you use 7zip to extract the InstallESD.dmg…



4 – once you successfully extract the Mac OS X 10.8 installation files, browse to OSX installation folder and look for 2.hfs file and open this file with 7zip.


5 – in 7zip interface, browse to 2.hfs\install MAC OS X Mountain Lion\Install OS X Mountain\Contents\SharedSupport\ folder, in this folder you need to extract the InstallESD.dmg file…


6 – Next,  we going to use dmg2img program to create a ISO from InstallESD.dmgto iso format…

— Open command prompt and type dmg2img -i “path\installesd.dmg” -o “path\macosxsetup.iso”

“path” depending on where you keep your MAC OSX installer files…


7 – Next, we need to extract the to get the darwin.iso from under \payload folder.


8 – Next, fire up your VMWare Workstation 9 and click Create a New Virtual Machine


9 – on New New Virtual Machine Wizard box, click Typical (recommended) and then click Next…


10 – Next, Click Installer disc image file (iso): and click Browse button and look for macosxsetup.iso file that you extracted from the InstallESD.dmg… and then click Next to proceed…


11 – On the New Virtual Machine Wizard box, click Apple Mac OS X and choose Mac OS X 10.8 64-bit and click Next…


12 – In the Virtual machine name :, key in any name you prefer and you can locate any location for the Mac OS X to be installed…


13 – next, under Specify Disk Capacity, i choose 80GB for my Mac OS X hard disk space and click Store virtual disk as single file and then click Next to proceed…


14 – Next, click Customize Hardware


15 – on the Hardware box, i choose 4096MB (4GB) Memory, 2 processors and i delete floppy.. you can customize you own hardware specification depending on your Host specification…


16 – Next, click Power on this virtual machine to proceed with our MAC OS X installation…


17 – If everything setup correctly, your MAC OS X will boot up nicely with Apple logo


18 – Next, on the installation interface, click next button to proceed…


19 – Next, we need to format our virtual drive before start installing the MAC OS X,

— on the OS X utilities interface, click Disk Utility and click continue


20 – On the VMware, VMware Virtual S Media interface, click your Virtual Disk and then click Erase tab, confirm that you choose Mac OS Extended Journaled as a format, then click Erase


21 – Click Erase to proceed…


22 – Next, after your drive successfully erase and formatted, click Disk Utility menu and click Quit Disk Utility


23 – Next, on the OS X Utilities box, click Reinstall OS X and click Continue


24 – Next, on the OS X Mountain Lion interface, click Continue


25 – click Agree


26 – Click Agree again…



27 – Click installation Drive and click Install to proceed…


28 – until this step, what you need to do is just wait for the installation to complete…


29 – it will take around 20 minutes for the installation to complete, but it all depend on your Host specification…


30 – After installation complete with few restart, you will get Welcome page, choose your country and click Continue…


31 – Next, on the Select your Keyboard, just click Continue to proceed…


32 – Next, on the Transfer Information to This Mac, click Not Now and click Continue…


33 – on the Enable Location Services, click Continue to proceed…


34 – Next, on the Apple ID page, i will skip this option for the moment ( you may key in your Apple ID if you have one) …


35 – On the Terms and Conditions interface, click Continue…


36 – Next, on the Create Your Computer Account interface, key in all the necessary information and click Continue…


37 – Next, select Your Time Zone and click Continue….


38 – Finally, on the Thank You interface, click Start using your Mac


39 – After your Virtual Mac OS X restart, don’t be happy yet… we still need to install VMware Tools (darwin.iso)… click VM menu, click Removable Devices, click CD/DVD (IDE) and click Settings


40 – On the Virtual Machine Settings interface, click  CD/DVD (IDE), then click Browse… in the Browse for ISO Image, click darwin.iso


41 – On your Mac desktop, VMware Tools will automatically pop up, and click Install VMware Tools to proceed…


42 – Next, on the Install VMware Tools, click Continue


43 – Next, click Install to proceed with the installation…


44 – Next, click Continue Installation


45 – Next, click restart.. after your Mac restart, you will have a complete usable Mac OS X running in your VMware





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