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Configure Network in Server 2012 R2 Core..

July 29, 2013

Hi all,

For this post, I would like to show you all how to configure a Network on the Server running Windows Server  R2 Core and the same time joining to new domain, I will use SCONFIG function that available in Server Core.

I will be using my server running Windows Server 2012 R2.. my new Domain name is Comsys.local.. I had 1 domain running Windows Server 2012 R2 GUI, and 1 Windows Server 2012 R2 running on Server Core.

This will be a simple guide on Server Core, for those who still not sure how to get down with all this domain and such, please spend some time to go through my blog post about how to setup domain in Windows Sevver 2012.

For those who still not sure what is Server Core, please log in here :

So, lets get started :

1 – Log in to your Server Core, in my case, I’m using Comsys SVR-Core Server and on the CMD, type sconfig..


2 – On the Sconfig menu, let change Computer Name to new name (Comsys-Core).. Choose no.2 and enter


3 – On the Enter new computer name column, type your new Server Core name, for this demo I type ComSys-Core for my Server Core name..


4 – Once you enter new Server Core name, restart your server..


5 – after your Server Core restarted, on the CMD, type hostname to verify the new name..


6 – Next, we need to configure the Server Core network.. on the sconfig,  type 8 (Network Settings), then type 10 (Index# for your network card).. if you check carefully, we notice that this server core is still using Dynamic IP.. 


7 – Next, lets set this Server Core to Static IP, on the Network Adapter Settings, type 1 to set Network Adapter Address.. then, follow the instruction by key in your own IP address, (for my demo Server Core, I use (please refer to print screen)


8 – once you completed enter Static IP, Subnet mask and Default Gateway, next we’ll enter DNS IP add, type 2 and proceed to enter your DNS IP add, in my Server Core I key in for preferred DNS Server and for alternate DNS Server. (You can verify your setting under Network Adapter Settings..)


9 – now lets return to main menu (4) and exit to cmd (15)


10 – Next, lets verify the connection between our Server Core and domain..


11 – Next, we need to join our Server Core to Domain, on the sconfig type 1 (Domain/Workgroup).. choose D and key in your domain Administrator name & password and then press Enter, after that restart the Server Core..


12 – after Server Core restarted, log in as domain administrator..


13 – next, you need to allow Remote management so that later we can have access from the domain.. on the sconfig menu, choose 4 (configure remote management).. then on the Configure Remote Management menu, select 1 to Enable Remote Management.. you should get Successfully enabled Remote Management prompt..


14 – Next, lets enable Remote Desktop so that we can remotely install @ configure any Roles & Services from the Domain Server later… Choose no 7 (Remote Desktop), type E to enable Remote Desktop, then choose 1 (Allow only clients running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication)..


15 – Next, lets add our Server Core to domain server.. log in to domain server and open Server Manager, click All Servers then right click All Servers and then choose Add Servers..


16 – on the Ads Server box, click Find Now button and you should see your new Server Core will be listed in the menu, click the Server Core (Comsys-Core) and click the arrow button next to operating system box..


17 – Next, let try install something on the server core from the Domain server.. on the Server menu, right click server core (ComSys-Core) and click Add Roles and Features and then Click Next..



18 – on the Select installation type, choose role-based or feature-based installation…


19 – on the Select destination server box, select your server core (Comsys-Core.comsys.local).. and click Next…


20 – on the Select server roles, click next to proceed…


21 – on the select features box, scroll down and look for Windows Server Backup and click Next.. (what will happen next is, we actually installing Windows Server backup from other server (domain server) to Server core remotely)


22 – on the Confirm installation selections, click install to proceed with the installation…


23 – once installation process completed, on the Server Manager, right click server core (ComSys-Core) and click Remote Desktop Connection



24 – on the Windows Security box, key in your domain administrator password and click OK…



25 – wait until the remote connection to our Server Core successfully…



26 – then, after few second, you should successfully remote to Server Core… and continue working on Server Core…




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