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IT Pro resources.. is this what you looking for?

July 14, 2013

Its always happen that my students keep asking me in the class, where to get info? good info.. good study materials, any Microsoft genuine link? can we just Google around (well… as usual..).. of course everyone prefer free resources.. i get down few of it.. please go through.. I might add some in the future..

1 –

— home for all resources and tools designed to help IT professionals succeed with Microsoft products and technologies

2 –

— contains technical documentation for IT professionals using Microsoft products, tools, and technologies

3 –

— allow you to get valuable hands-on experience with new products and technologies using a pre-defined and tested methodology that results in a working configuration.

4 –

— Find videos, screencasts, podcasts, and articles to help IT Professionals stay up to date on the latest Microsoft products and technologies.

5 –

— portal to find information, resources, and help over a wide range of topics, projects, and issues.

6 –

— monthly published magazine with articles created by the most recognized experts on infrastructure for helping you to make your job easier.

7 –

— download latest Microsoft trial product for you to test around and get familiar

8 – (this is my favourite)

— provides free online IT training & learning of Windows, Microsoft Technologies through courses designed by industry experts.

9 –

— give you hands-on experience with Microsoft’s ONLINE!!!

10 –

— Find links to upcoming events organized directly by Microsoft and by third parties, plus webcasts, podcasts, and other on-demand resources

11 –

— Learn about Microsoft products such as System Center, Forefront, and Windows with these “Ramp Up” learning collections. TechNet assembled these training materials for customers to learn either by reading, watching a video, or playing with the products in our virtual labs.

12 –

— Find supporting documentation, reference materials, and media from TechNet events and briefings listed by product or technology.

13 –

Learn more about Microsoft products such as SQL Server, Security, Windows Server, Exchange and SharePoint with these “How Do I?” videos.

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