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Simple Guide : how to convert a Windows Server 2012 Server Core Installation to a Full Installation (GUI)

June 23, 2013

This are few step on how you can convert a Windows Server 2012 Server Core Installation to a Full Installation (GUI).

The step id very straight forward.

What you need is only Windows Server 2012 installer & of course the Server 2012 Core itself..

For this demo, I’m using Windows Server 2012 Server Core that I install in Hyper-V Manager.

1 – Mount your Windows Server 2012 installer (.iso) to your Server Core in Hyper-V Manager



2 – on the cmd interface, create empty folder call mount by typing this command : mkdir c:\mount



3 – next, mount your Windows Server 2012 installer by typing this command and press Enter :  dism.exe /mount-image /ImageFile:d:\sources\install.wim /Index:4 /Mountdir:c:\mount /readonly


4 – if everything ok, you will see Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool will appear and this dism.exe command now will mounting your install.wim file from your Windows Server 2012 installer.



5 – Once the mounting process completed, you need to start powershell function by typing PowerShell.exe




6 – In powershell interface, you need to load the ServerManager module by typing Import-Module ServerManager.



7 – Next, you can now start install the Windows Server 2012 GUI components by typing this command : Install-WindowsFeature -IncludeAllSubfeature User-Interfaces-Infra -Source:c:\mount\windows




8 – after few minutes & process completed, you can now restart the Server by typing this command : shutdown /r /t 00



9 – your Windows Server 2012 should be restarted by now..


10 – Lastly, you can now have your nice Windows Server 2012 GUI and you can log in as usual by pressing CTRL + Alt + DEL.





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