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Simple Guide : How to create Windows To Go…

June 4, 2013

In my previous post I talk about what’s is Windows To Go in Windows 8..

So now let see how to create the Windows To Go, for this exercise I use my USB 3.0 1TB External drive.

*** Before we start, make sure you have windows 8 enterprise installer in .iso format & minimum 32gb USB drive (usb 3.0 minimum).

1  – Get ready with your Windows 8 installer


2 – Plug in your 3.0 USB drive & please double confirm you have the Windows 8 installer mounted on your virtual drive (for this exercise I use Power ISO to mount my Windows 8)


3 – Next, open Control Panel & look for Windows To Go icon, double click the icon..


4 – You should get “Create a Windows To Go Workspace” dialog box pop up.. on this dialog box make sure your External USB drive detected..


5 – click next button and you will get “Choose a Windows 8 image” dialog box, here you click Add Search Location button to search for your Windows 8 installer file, select the drive contain your Windows 8 installer (refer picture)..



6 – once you click select folder, you will see Windows 8 Enterprise in the list & also location of the installer file “install .wim” which is in D:\sources\ folder


7 – click next & you will get “Set a Bitlocker password (optional)” interface, here depends on your environment / company policy if you require Bitlocker password (I will blog about Bitlocker in the future)..


8 – next, you ready to create your Windows To Go workspace, click Create button & wait for the process to complete it might take a while..




9 – once the whole process complete, you will see the last option which is Choose a boot option, here you can choose no & you click Save & Restart button so that your system will restart & make sure you choose USB boot device in your boot sequence and your system now will boot from your newly created Windows To Go USB portable….



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