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What’s Windows 8 In-Place Upgrade – “Theory behind the process….”

June 3, 2013

An in-place upgrade replaces the OS on your computer while retaining all programs, program settings, user-related settings, and user data.

Performing an in-place upgrade from Windows 7 Pro with Service Pack 1 (SP1) is the easiest way to upgrade to Windows 8 Professional.

The process for upgrading to Windows 8 includes this 5 steps:
1. Evaluate
2. Back up
3. Upgrade
4. Verify
5. Update

Before starting the upgrade, you must evaluate whether your computer meets the requirements needed to run Windows 8. You should consider using the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) and Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) to assess your organization’s readiness if you are upgrading more than one computer.

Back Up

To protect against data loss during the upgrade process, back up any data and personal settings before starting the upgrade.

After evaluating your computer requirements, and backing up your data and personal settings, you are ready to perform the actual upgrade. To perform the upgrade, run the Windows 8 installation program (setup.exe) from the product DVD or a network share.

When the upgrade completes, sign in to your computer, and verify that all of the applications and hardware devices function correctly. If the Windows 8 Setup Compatibility Report makes any recommendations relating to program compatibility or devices, follow those recommendations to complete the upgrade process.

Finally, determine whether there are any relevant updates to the Windows 8 operating system, and apply them to your computer. It is important to keep the operating system up to date to protect against security threats.



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