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May 28, 2013

My MS pics - 2My name is Mohd Hamizi and this is my personal “BLOGsite”. I am a Malaysian, an IT Freelance Trainer and a Microsoft Certified Trainer by profession. I am based in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

I have more than 13 years of working experience with both multinational and local IT Training companies. I have been doing freelance IT corporate trainings since 2001. As an independent consultant and freelance IT corporate trainer, I work freely with training providers and organizations that require my services as a trainer or a consultant on a project (or contract) basis. I also collaborate with other freelance professional trainers, vendors, IT solution providers and engineers to provide the best solutions for my customers.

My ambition is to help organizations to achieve higher quality and productivity using proven Management, Quality, Engineering & tools and techniques.

I find that very often I am asked by consultant companies or customers to provide detailed information on my training courses, either for them to propose to their top management for decision making or for HRDF submissions. This prompted me to create this website so that these information can be readily available to everyone at all times.

If you are looking for some training programs for your organization or a Freelance Trainer service to assist you in your training work, please contact me directly. All enquiries are welcome.

— I smash my training fees!

— I come to you and deliver at the convenience of your own training / meeting room!

— I guarantee you Shorter Working Time, Higher Productivity & Professional Looking Documents +Free Gift!!!!!

— I throw in free bunch of e-books and tips for your future reference!

— I promise you after-class consultation!

MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!

Top Five Reasons to Take Training :

Get a Raise

More training and especially added credentials could mean a raise in pay. Check with your Human Resources department to see if an automatic pay increase happens when you attain a credential. Also, it is good to check with your Training Manager to see what training is recognized by the company and what training costs can be subsidized or reimbursed.

Feel More Confident on the Job

Knowledge is king, so gaining knowledge will help you feel more confident. Technology is constantly changing and so this means ongoing technical training is imperative to most workers today.

Be Recognized and Promoted

Being proactive in your professional development is seen as a big plus to employers. Your initiatives to better yourself could lead to recognition and a promotion especially if you develop advanced techniques or your leadership skills.

Challenge your Brain

It is important to keep your brain active. Life-long learning can be a terrific way to keep your brain power strong. Choose courses or workshops that will stretch your brain in a new direction.

Improve Processes and Procedures

The motivation to make productive changes in company policies and procedures can come from more up-to-date knowledge of technological advances, resources and market trends. Choose courses that will help you and your team adapt to changes and improve efficiencies.


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  1. K R Shankar permalink

    Thanks for your blog & helping, and very useful this articles to an administrators.

  2. Habib permalink

    Many many thanks for the blog, it is very helpful and rich of information

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